Win an exclusive USB Stick

Friday, December 5, 2008 |

What?:Win an exclusive USB Stick
Starts:November 28,2008
Deadline:December 20,2008
Contest Starter: | Link

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Prize:There will be 4 winners. Each one will receive an 4GB stick

Win an exclusive USB Stick! If you appreciate the hand made quality and unique products this contest if for you.


Main features of the exclusive Flash drives:

  • each one is carefully handcrafted in Germany by Thalbach Design
  • individual wishes on veneers used or style of aluminum inlay are possible
  • attentions to details: e.g. the veining of the veneer goes all the way through the stick (china sticks don’t do - normally there the lid is made from a totally different piece of wood and just grabbed out of the big box when finally plugging the sticks together)
  • these sticks can’t be bought from an online store since the producers believe that an exclusive product needs an exclusive customer service: they prefer to talk to the customers in order to build for them exactly what they imagine.

We will offer as prizes 4 special USB Sticks (4GB memory). There will be 4 winners, each one will receive a 4GB stick.

What you have to do to win an exclusive USB Stick

Blog about this contest and after that leave a comment with your blog URL in the comment section of this page.

Your blogs must be in English and the blog posts have to contain 2 links.

We will offer as prizes 4 special USB Sticks (4GB memory) in Walnut Root Wood, Zebrano, Maple and Palisander.

There will be 4 winners. Each one will receive an 4GB stick. To win you have to write the best post about this contest. The Gadgets Club team and Thalbach team will be the judges. You can use any of the pictures on Thalbach Design site for your blog post.

The contest starts today and ends on 20 December 2008.