Mommyko's Christmas Giveaway Winners

Thursday, December 25, 2008 |

I won as the 3rd placer on Mommyko's Christmas Giveaway.It's a nice gift for me this christmas.See the announcement here

Slashed URL on the sponsor means prizes are claimed!

My Prizes:
3RD PRIZE - $20 + 11,000 EC ---Winner: - Oh Blog Contests
$10 - Wonderful Things In Life
$5 - My Life's Adventure

$5 - Twinkletoe Writing Space
*complete blog makeover - Designs By Vhiel and Cans Of Thoughts
*Website logo worth $99- Custom Logo and Marketing Materials
2000 EC - Sweet.Pretty.Naughty
1000 EC plus ad space for 1 month - Cheth Studios
1000 EC credits plus 1 month ad - The Positive Side

1000 EC - Show Me Your Interest
1000 EC - Wiehanne Lounge
1000 EC - Medan Daily
1000 EC - Call Center Gal
1000 EC - A Simple Married Life
1000 EC - Programming The Life
1000 EC - Pinay Freelancer
125x125 ads for 1 month worth $10 -
125x125 ad space for 1 month - That Blog 4 Me


Icon said...

EC credit sent !

twinks said...

Congrats for winning.
Btw, pls send me your paypal add so i can send you the cash...
my email add is

thanks :]

Simple Married Life said...

Hi Oh Blog Contest,

I already transferred 3000 EC credits to you.

1k EC Credits each from my blogs:

I used access (my simple married life entrecard email account) when I transferred the credits.

Please acknowledge! Congratulations and Happy New Year! :)