Win $25 From

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 | will be having a mini contest this will be an easy way for you to earn fast cash the prize is $25 via paypal.

The Prize:

$25USD via PayPal(must)

How to enter:

Like the name of the contest implied, I want to know how you do a search in Google, Yahoo …when you buy something online. Any products will work here.

You should use the searches you did to find the last products you have bought online to give you some ideas.

1. Get 1 ticket when you email me only 1 search you did or you would do to buy something.

Use what you would really buy online if you had $1 to $100 to spend. It could be for clothes, collector items, software, games, movie, specific car parts, fix a problem…. What would you enter in Google or Yahoo to find and buy it?

So, what do you enter exactly in the SEARCH BOX on Google or Yahoo when you are ready to buy? Email me a specific example.

2. Get 4 tickets if you send out the following to your Twitter list

Win $25 From

3. Get 10 tickets if you make a post about this contest. Link to The Content Winner and this contest post. No minimum of words required but your readers may not like it if it’s just a link to here. ;)

Note: Because I want original searches from everyone, I don’t want your search in the comments. I will disqualify you and everyone who use a search from the comments.

In the comment, you can link to your tweet and your post and mentioned the number of tickets.

Use webmaster [a] to email me your answer(the search, tweet url, link to your post about the contest) like this:

Subject: Search Contest

What do you enter in the Search box:

You can have a total of 15 tickets in all.


Dec. 31, 2008 23:59:59 EST.

The draw will be made on January 2 or 3. I will do another post of the winner here so you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed by email.

Entries to date: 3

Good Luck to All!