Tech Dose Contest - Win by sharing your favorites!

Saturday, November 15, 2008 |

Just for techies, who want to win something in the tech world, here is a mini contest for everyone -
You have to do nothing more than just comment and let us know what operating system you like, and why. There are some rules that you have to follow.

Here are the prizes -
1st prize -

2nd prize -

3rd prize -

  • $15 in cash prize from Tech Dose
  • Review of your website in and - Worth $80

Ok, so what should you do to participate?

Subscribe to Tech Dose - 5 Entries and mandatory
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Post about the contest in your blog with the sponsor links in prizes included - 20 entries per blog entry
And the main part - 25 Entries and mandatory
1. Post a comment here saying which operating system you like, and your 5 favorite softwares or apps which you would surely install and use in your computer/laptop mentioning the reason why you would use them.
2. Post about any one or two gadgets that you are fascinated about, and reason why you like it.

Hope the rules are easily understandable and easy to gain entries.

Some tips to gain additional entries -
Post about the contest on twitter - 1 entry
Stumble this post - 1 entry
Add this post to delicious - 1 entry

The contest ends in 23 days, i.e. on 30th November 2008. And the winners will be selected from the people with their entries, in list randomizer.

Enjoy participating in.

Here is an example on how to post in a comment -

My favorite operating system is Mac OS X, as am using it since a year and like its flexibility, the sleekiness in its interface and user-friendliness once you get used to it.
5 favorite softwares would be these apps -
1. Audacity app as it helps in voice recording in the perfect quality.
2. MS Office 2008 - Never can leave Windows in Mac, and the office apps like word, powerpoint, excel look excellent.
3. Battery health monitor - This app helps in letting me know how much my battery is used, how many charge cycles are done and remaining.
4. SharedSecrets - A password protection and management app.
5. CaptureMe - A perfect tool to take screenshots of any part of the desktop screen or the window that is open. Better than the normal screen capturing through keyboard shortcuts.

2 Gadgets i am fascinated about -
Apple macbook - Because…. …. …… 2-3 reasons.
HTC Touch Diamond mobile - Because.. …. …..2-3 reasons.

Note: You have to write some good things in the comment, not just comment some rubbish to get the entries. If i like what you shared and your thoughts, you would be credited some extra entries.